Thursday, August 26, 2010

In which I demand your participation....

That's right. Normally I just subtly ask for your participation with a "What do you think?" or "Which do you prefer?" request at the end of each post. And sometimes you respond. And sometimes you don't. But today, I'm ditching the nice girl routine and demanding that you respond in some way to this post. Because this is your chance, and I know you won't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Ok, so the amazing opportunity is just an opportunity to help me help you enjoy this blog more. As I was thinking about my 1 year blogiversary yesterday, I realized that I really need to get some input from outside sources. I need to know what you think about the blog. Which posts are your favorites? Which posts are your least favorite? Why? Do you love personal stories about my ridiculous life and hate Zen Wednesdays? Or would you rather I post more pretty house pictures and shut up about myself? Perhaps I should go about this in poll form?

Which of these would you like to see more of? Which would you like to see less of?
(click on the "here" after the post type to see examples)

Color Themed Posts - here and here
Do It Yourself (DIY) posts - here
Random (and hopefully funny) stories about me and my life - here and here and here
Features of other blogs, articles, or artists - here and here
Cooking posts - here and here
Fashion posts - here
Shopping/Wishlist posts - here and here and here
Zen Wednesdays - here and here and here
In my dreams... posts - here and here
Inspiration/Polyvore board posts - here and here
Pretty pictures of pretty places/rooms/design trends/people - here and here and here and here

In addition to these (and anything I may have left out), can you think of any ideas of posts you'd like me to do? I seriously want your honest opinion on this. Really.
 So Email me! Call me! Text me! Comment on this post! Commenting may actually be the easiest. I don't even have word verification up, so its incredibly simple, I promise. Just do what you have to do in order to get your opinion out there. I really want to make this more fun for you guys. Thank you in advance!!!


  1. I like your color posts, you personal stories, fashion, decorative posts, and do it yourself posts the most.... :)

  2. ~I love the do-it-yourself ,your personal and funny,cooking, and your shopping/wishlists posts.
    ~Also your in-my-dreams posts are very creative. I love the way the pictures build on each other. Maybe you could use that style more but with a twist. For example you could incorporate a personal story using photos in this same story board style.

  3. I like the your do-it-yourself posts
    and the in-my-dream posts because they are so pretty!
    and you life stories so that I can know what you are doing from afar

  4. I like the diversity of your blog. It makes it much more interesting than those blogs that are dedicated entirely to one thing. It's like...potpourri!

  5. Thanks for all your comments! Excellent ideas and points! You are the best!!

  6. i am late, but i don't care!

    my favorites are:
    -stories about your life
    -zen wednesdays
    -in my dreams posts
    -pretty pictures of rooms, design trends, etc. posts.

    and your blog is one of the only ones i even read, so i quite enjoy it.