Monday, March 22, 2010

Dresser Remake

In the garage, I have a big, ugly black dresser that I got from Goodwill for $20. The paint is scabby and gross and most of the handles have fallen off or are hanging from one side. But I have a dream of sanding it down and painting it up and using it as a TV stand. Then I would have drawers and drawers of storage for DVDs etc. I would love for them to be hidden away but still accessible. But I haven't really decided what color to paint it. Black or white or colorful? Subtle or wild? High gloss or flat? Ahh the choices! So I went to the interwebs searching for inspiration, and I found so many choices that I am even more ovewhelmed now than before. So vote now on your favorites! I need all the help I can get ;)
This is a good mix of exciting and subtle, but it might be hard to do it myself.
gray is definitey a possibility
White is also a very good option, since it is versatile and subtle and classic. 

Black is good because it is also versatile and classic. But glossy or flat paint? And I really want to paint the master bedroom dresser black, so would that be too many black dressers??
Oh my! The bright colors! These are pretty cool! I love them all, but I'm just not sure a color will work in my living room at present. And as my mom so wisely pointed out, this is a fad that will probably be out in about a year, and there will be people all over the design world with brightly colored and very "out" dressers. And I don't want to be one of them ;)
Oh my, I LOVE the glamour of these glossy, shiny, metalic chests. But I'm afraid it would look cheap if I try to do it myself. The only way to keep it from looking cheap would be to buy really really expensive paint, and that defeats the purpose of the cheap-o used dresser.
Ah! Stripes! So. Many. Choices.

Anyway, the option I am actually the closest to choosing is not picutred (sorry, couldn't find anything similar). I am leaning towards a really glossy, really dark navy blue. I think it would still come across as a neutral, would be semi-unique, and would still work with all the other furniture in the room. What do you think??


  1. would navy look with your red/gold chair and pale blue chairs? would it be too many colors in that room?
    I think you should paint it black and then buff over it with gold know, so the black still shows through but it has a gold sheen on top. That's just my opinion. Because I love black and gold.

  2. I think navy would look good. I like it with red and gold, and I'd have to move at least 1 of the blue chairs out anyway. I'm just not sure if I can pull off black/gold without it looking tacky/cheap. And there's absolutely no black in here, and I think navy would look better with the dark wood coffee table etc...Hmmmm its soo hard!

  3. oh yeah I forgot about the coffee table...hmmmm...what about a matching dark wood stain? (I really can't remember what the dresser looks like which isn't helping my visualization)

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