Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My DIY Christmas Dress

I spotted this gorgeous dress on {this is glamorous} and really fell in love with the elegant simplicity paired with the gorgeous, glitzy flowers. Then I realized, hey, I have a black strapless dress! So I decided to make my own version to wear to all those glamorous Christmas parties I attend every year. So below is my version.

I had to make a few alterations from the dress above. For starters, my black strapless dress doesn't quite fit as well as it used to. I wanted to hide some of my unwanted boobage bursting out the top, so I used some dark red gauze (originally purchased for wrapping Christmas presents) to disguise the ill-fitting top. Also, I got my roses at Hobby Lobby in the wedding section rather than having a famous fashion designer hand make them. I also had to add a rose at the waist to hide a funky little bow that was sewed on to my black dress. It would have been impossible to remove, so I added a rose and a small tuft of the gauze. It only took me like 3 hours to get the strap length right etc. Maybe because I did all the sewing by hand? Anyway, my biggest problem now is wondering how will I ever wash this baby? Oh, and I chopped off MY gorgeous long locks (which could have looked almost EXACTLY like that models) and I sure did regret it when I tried to put my hair up! Live and learn.

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  1. You're so creative! I love all your nifty ideas.