Friday, January 15, 2010

Lucite anyone?

I know these are terribly popular and all over the design world. And most of the time I don't even like them. But somehow, the lucite chair has really grown on me. I like the mixture of a traditional shape with a modern or unique texture or fabric. But apparently, Lucite is NOT cheap!

These are in the $800-$900 range

These can be anywhere from $100-$500

This one is only $3200!

$89 much better

...and about $150
I really need chairs to go around our kitchen table. Right now I have 2 white folding chairs. They're super cute with red flower mosaics, but they are really supposed to be outdoor furniture. Plus, 2 chairs just isn't cutting it when we have anyone over. I considered the $89 version but P was unimpressed. But these are quite pretty, don't you think?


  1. No offense but thumbs up to P for saying Nay to clear chairs in the dining room. They look like they would look much better outdoors or in a children's playroom.

  2. Well, we don't have a dining room. They would be in the kitchen, which is ultra casual at present. I wouldn't want them around my dining room table for sure, but as a casual seating option I am quite fond of them.

    I talked Phillip into them right after discovering that the sale had ended. Sad, cause I like them.

  3. Oh Good! Man I was envisioning a formal dining room with lucite chairs. lol. Sorry You missed the sale. I am sure that what ever you pick out will look amazing in you dining have good taste :)

  4. Haha yeah they would look really odd in a dining room around our fancy schmancy table! Right now we have your parent's old wood table in the eat-in kitchen. But I'm glad you trust my taste ;) somtimes I'm worried that its too wacky for P.

    I've been going for a more modern look in most of our rooms because I find its easier to do modern in small spaces. The furniture seems to be smaller etc. But this is my first try at modern, so its an adventure.