Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home Improvement

In honor of the New Year (oh, and having time off work/school), Phillip and I have spent a lot of this week trying to improve our new house and make it seem our own. The biggest project so far has been the office/study room. We've been to Lowe's about 4 times in as many days and have tried way too many paint colors.

I've posted before that we are going to build these shelves for our office. We haven't started the shelves yet, but I decided that I love the color palette in this picture, and really want to use black/yellow for our study. Only using black and yellow seems too dark for our small room, so I thought I would throw some gray into the mix. The idea is to have light gray walls and ceiling. One wall will be covered in these black shelves, with yellow painted behind and showing through the gaps in the shelves.
Here are some more home office inspiration photos with the general colors/feel we're going for:

Not sure of reference

Ok so there's a kitchen thrown in and a few non-officy types. But you catch my drift, eh? I think that first picutre with the dark gray walls and floor to ceiling bookshelves is my favorite.

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