Thursday, December 17, 2009


Some part of my description of this blog involves my supposed "love of shopping." And mostly, its true. I've been to Hobby Lobby at least four times a week in the last three weeks. Target might have even higher numbers. I love looking at beautiful things, finding deals, buying useless pretties that I will *someday* turn into something useful or decorative. I don't really ever tire of shopping. I can do it alone, in a group, with just one friend.

Today I was forced to remember that there's one kind of shopping I just plain don't like. I pretty much downright hate grocery shopping. I hate the awkward feeling of trying to get my cart out of other people's way while finding what I need in the crowded aisles. I hate the long lines and slow checkouts. I really hate spending a hundred dollars and then getting home and realizing I still don't know what to make for dinner with all of this stuff.

If I was to spend a hundred dollars on clothes, I would take them home and have fun new outfits almost instantly. A hundred dollars spent on home decor would be thrilling as I try it out in new places around my house. But a hundred dollars in food is different. Some of it eaten up way too quickly, leaving me wondering where all the food went. Other parts sit and sit in the fridge because I don't know what to make, and will eventually and inevitably go bad. I like to shop for permanent, lasting and valuable goodies. I don't like to shop for groceries.

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