Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Birthday Tea Party

Last Saturday, I threw a small tea party birthday for my sister Katya and her 1 year old daughter, Gabriella. I taunted you all with pictures of the decorations etc, so here they are. Please try to see past my terrible photography skills. 
My front door with a wreath I made (with the help of my mother in law. She helped me make a lot of the decorations. Thanks!)
Here's a close-up of the wreath. We use a hot glue gun to stick folded up circles of tissue paper all over the wreath, then added scraps of leftover scrapbooking paper. It turned out really pretty!
My mother in law is a quilter, and she had just bought tons of pretty girly fabrics at a sale, so we draped the cloth all over tables and chairs etc. And we bought a bunch of hydrangeas. My father in law complained like crazy about how expensive they were. I'm pretty sure he thought we were paying $7 a plant for fake plants. He couldn't believe they were real!

We made a lot of paper pompoms and a few garland like banners out of scrapbook paper.
All the pretty presents! And the picture is crooked!
Dishes and such.
Also blurry...
The beautiful birthday girls! I love you two!
My wonderful, helpful, extremely pretty mother in law, Kimberlae, who helped me so much with this party. Thank you!!!
My dad stopped by as the grandparent representative. We fed him pizza and beer(pictured) but made him wear a hat. 
From left to right, Aunt Diana, Daniela, and Daniella. Having two Daniel(l)as around is terribly confusing.
Aunt Diana brought all of the fun hats for us to wear. They definitely made me feel very elegant!
My gorgeous and waay too grown up baby sister, Sophia. She's wearing my old dress. And by old, I mean it fit me perfectly when I bought it like, oh, last year. STOP GROWING! I love you, Soph.
My other gorgeous little sister Lydia. Apparently she was feeling emo. I can't find a single smiling picture of her. But she looked pretty anyway. (PS that is also my old dress. You girls have great taste ;) And Lydia, you too! Stop growing or else!
Presents! Gabriella looks very excited!
Our wonderful friend Sarah and her beautiful daughter, Naomi. Sarah came even though she has to work nights and it was about 3:00 AM her time. 
Me serving tea. This would be a good pic if I knew how to photo shop my double chins away! Le sigh. 
Anyway, I had a blast, and I think everything turned out really except for the missing grandmothers! 
Next time, I'll show you how I made delicious pink macaroons and maybe a few other projects. 


  1. That looked like a beautiful party, Daniella! Especially laughed at Dan in the hat holding a beer. Too funny!

    Makes me cry thinking how far away you all are! Miss you!

  2. You were totally invited if you could have driven down...;-( We missed you! We'll have to have a collaborative NM/CO tea party sometime...