Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If I was a rich girl.....

Ok sorry, I actually hate that song. How come Gwen Stefani was so great with No Doubt and so terrible when she went solo? One of life's deep questions.
ANYway...here are a few of my shopping dreams for the week. You know, if I wasn't trying to save my money for useless things like rent and heat and water, these are the things I would buy:
A few frivolously beautiful dresses,

3.1 Philip Lim via net-a-porter

A little jewlery, rings in particular,

And maybe a few little goodies to brighten up my house (haha, not that I have room for anything else in my house!)

But, to be honest, I've already spent a little money on something useless this week:
I bought a bunch of these crazy boxes in teal, purple, and clear. They were oh so cheap, and I thought I could use them to wrap gifts, organize my crap, and stack up in my house in glamorous little piles, like this:


  1. haha I was just picturing my kids getting to your "glamorous little piles"....CRASH! ;-)

    I don't know about the other dresses, but you could easily make the RW&B dress. Buy a striped tank top, either A) find a red skirt and attach the two, or B) be really industrious and make the skirt (skirts are WAY easy, especially if you don't have to make a waistband and C) buy a piece of matching red fabric, tie on a bow, and PRESTO! you are patriotic! ;-) just an idea...I know, really, who has time to sew? I still have curtains for the boys room that are half-finished....sigh.

  2. Haha the boxes are plastic, so I'm sure it would be cool for your kids to play with them - I actually thought of that when ordering them.

    Yeah, I definitely could make the dress. If I found the right fabrics. And If I had time. I'll keep my eyes open for those things ;)

  3. Let me know if you find some time lying around...I could use some extra!