Monday, March 8, 2010

Craigslist Mania

In case anyone is interested in some awesome Craigslist furniture - some of these would be great for a DIY project!
I love this beautiful bookcase - $50! I would put it in my guest room.
Look at this gorgeous mantle - I don't have a fireplace, so it could be neat to have a stand alone mantle, eh?
This table has such sexy legs. I think it would be great painted a bright color - maybe teal or yellow?
Another great piece - again, its very stylish at present to paint these types of console tables in bright teal, orange, etc. I'm just not sure I could bring myself to do that to an antique!
These chairs can go in my last post as soon as they receive some thick black and white striped upholstry.


  1. oooh oooh...I want the chairs! With black and white stripes! I will fight you for them!! ;-)

  2. You should get them! I don't have any room for them. I made this post in case anyone ELSE needs furniture, and becuase it was fun, not to say "these are MY craigslist items." Go get them and I will help you remake them!