Monday, March 8, 2010

Black and White Stripes

"Happy" Monday! Because the skies are so gray outside, I'm in need of a Monday pick me up. Black and white stripes always make me so happy!

This room makes me swoon. I want it. All of it.
are those tiles or a painted wood floor? i think tiles, but either way, totally cool!
The stipes are subtle accents in those chairs, but the black and white floor is right up Katya's alley 
And just a few more black and white floors to swoon over via la dolce vita

1 comment:

  1. That floor IS right up my alley! I love it...someday we will have large rooms with black and white floors. And floor to ceiling curtains. I like alot of the striped chairs though too - which is odd because I probably would have said "no" if you asked me if I liked black and white stripes, but after actually seeing the pics, they are really cool! Especially if its just one chair - it adds a nice touch without being overdone. You should get one for your would look really nice in there!