Monday, February 22, 2010

Is less more, or is more just plain better?


What do you think? I love the "less is more" look, but I don't think I could ever live like that. For my own home, I am always struggling to balance the clutter and organize the chaos. I think I love bright colors and accessories too much. Which do you prefer?
image 1: source unknown
image 2: via this is glamorous 


  1. If I must choose I pick less is more but to be honest I think I would prefer it felt a little more lived in. Maybe we could add a rug, put some shoes and a dog leash next to the door and perhaps a few misplaced mittens? Ah yes, that would feel much better. I could live in a place like that : )

  2. Haha yeah, that first hall looks a bit like "this would be a nice place to move, if i could bring all my stuff." It definitely doesn't look lived in. I think that's my problem with the minimalist approach. I love the way the rooms look, but I know that I have too much stuff to make it practical.

    Did you see the links to the other two posts? I love all the white in the less is more post because its so peacefull, but I'm also digging the picture walls in the second post! I LOVE EVERYTHING!