Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today's color crush is yellow. I've never really thought of yellow as one of my favorite colors, but I've noticed that I'm saving more and more yellow images to my inspiratin folders. As I've mentioned before, I'm using it a lot in our study.
via mfamb
I am crazy about this nightstand - its soo cute and from Ikea!
photo via mfamb
via manolo
How do you feel about yellow? Do you prefer yellow accents, or a whole yellow room or outfit? I love every one of these photos!
I really want this poster for our office. So cute and such a good reminder!


  1. I love my yellow kitchen! with daises (which SOMEBODY still hasn't finished...;-) I like little yellow accents in cushions, curtains, flowers, or art...and I think a yellow and white bedroom with pink accents would be super cute for a little girl. Remember our bedroom in our old house?? The wallpaper was yellow...sigh. I loved that room. I loved that house. Is it sad that I still miss it sometimes?

  2. Oh geeze, I'm SOO sorry I've been so remiss in completing my free labor...;) I really do need to finish those! I DO remember our bedroom! Oh to be a little girl again - I definitely miss that house a lot too. Maybe its just because almost all of my memories of it are beautiful, but is seemed like the perfect house. We should probably never go back becuase it wouldn't seem the same at all.

  3. I know - things always seem better in memory than in reality...it's so sad. But you know, I don't think that's true of Grandmama's house. I still love it every time I go there...mostly because its always the way I remember it from childhood. I get mad at her when she wants to change her wallpaper

    I suppose I could finish the daises myself...although the polar icecaps will probably melt first...you seem much better than me at actually following through on projects!! I admire that.

  4. Well thank you! I do have a little mroe free time on my hands ;) I love Grandmama's house too. I hope it never changes too much.