Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Amsterdam {take three}

One more quick (or not) post about my recent adventures in Europe!
I spent one day biking around the canals in Groningen, which is a University town north of Amsterdam. Pretty much every one bikes in the Netherlands. I absolutely loved it! 
This is the University, it's over 500 years old. It was so pretty! Also - see all those bikes in the distance?!
The rest of the my days were spent either working, schmoozing, or wandering around Amsterdam. 
House boats on a canal in Amsterdam.
This house had an entire garden growing up it's face! 
The Blomenmarkt!
Another beautiful church. 
Dad and I in a giant wooden shoe! 
We spent one day doing WWII things - we went to a memorial/graveyard and then went to visit the John Frost bridge.  
I could seriously post photos of canals all day long. I absolutely loved them!
I had one great day wandering around the Rijksmuseum. I got to see a lot of Rembrandt and Van Gogh.
Canals. Can't help myself.
So anyway! That was my trip in a 3-post nutshell!
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

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  1. All right, I completely take it back. I'M going to the Netherlands. YOU'RE going to stay in the States and sing for me. Nobody told me I was missing out on riding a bicycle around lovely canals and viewing original VanGogh self portraits and sitting in giant wooden shoes. I WAS ROBBED.