Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brussels {take two}

After leaving Versailles we were off in a whirlwind to Brussels. I've always wanted to visit Brussels because it was the home of the Bronte sisters for several years. I was picturing Villette the entire time I was there! 
One of the beautiful buildings on the Grote Markt in Brussels. This square is so beautiful! I did a ton of eating and shopping and wandering in the area surrounding the square. 
Flower market in the Grote Markt. 
Very attractive ;) This was probably the most delicious thing I ate on the trip, a Belgian waffle from a street vendor in Brussels.  
However, the waffles were so messy we had to sneakily wash our hands in a random fountain on the side of a building.  
I just loved pretty much every single building in Brussels. Each was so unique and lovely. 
From Brussels we headed up to the Netherlands to work. But I did manage to squeeze in quite a bit of play! But I'm saving that for next time. Ta ta for now!

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