Monday, July 29, 2013

{monday things}

 We had a lovely weekend. It included so much fun with friends, from afternoon coffee, to bible study, to a long day at the lake, to church and then a fun lunch afterwards. I started to feel a little bit sick yesterday afternoon and have a slight fever and aches, but hopefully those will disappear in time for our trip to Durango tomorrow! 
I finally managed to visit some thrift stores and Hobby Lobby and scored some cute bottles to fill with some of my latest creations!
My mother in law and I made home-made vanilla back at Easter and I've been steeping it ever since. It is now all divided up in pretty bottles and ready to be given as gifts! (except the big one. that one's for me.)
Those two tall bottles in the back are full of home-made rose water! I made it earlier in the summer and it's been in the fridge waiting for pretty bottles to live in.
I found the rose water recipe on Roost and the vanilla recipe was all over the place on Pinterest. 
I'm going to spend the rest of today trying to heal up and also clean a bit. 
I hope your weekend was super fab!

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