Saturday, August 10, 2013

{an update}

I know so many of you are praying for us as we struggle through this messy infertility business and I wanted to update you on where we are now.
At the beginning of July we had our first appointment with a fertility specialist. That meeting was shortly followed by a flurry of tests and a short period of waiting. Some of the tests were simple and easy and the results came back quickly. A few of them were awkward, painful, invasive, or long. And the waiting, while relatively short, felt infinite. I was nervous.
Long story short, there's nothing wrong with either of us. All of our tests came back with the results that we are perfectly normal. Healthy, even. I hear this is called "unexplained infertility."
We haven't had our official "wrap up" appointment with our doctors yet. I know there are procedures they can offer us and medications we can try to increase our monthly chances, which the doctors say are on average about 3% monthly.
We're still thinking and praying about those options. We're also still pursuing acupuncture and alternative medicines and foods. We're praying and slowly pursuing other options, like adoption and foster care. We're sort of going in all directions at once, like working on a blog/ideas to start raising money to adopt and also finishing up a room to use as foster care kids room. I have no idea what God wants us to do. I know He'll make it clear in time, but that time never seems to be now.  
Some moments I am filled with peace and hope and renewed energy to try, try again.
And sometimes I'm not.
Thanks for listening, friends. It really does mean the world to me.


  1. Thank you for the update! I'm both glad and frustrated for you for that diagnosis. You're in my prayers always. Those babies will find their way into your arms. I'm sorry it's a frustrating wait.

  2. I am so very happy that you are healthy and normal. I am so very sad that you haven't had any babies yet. I am so very pleased to be your mother-in-law. I am so very proud of the loving couple that you and Phillip have become.

  3. Thanks for the update- I was wondering how things were going. Praying for you all! The waiting is the hard, long haul, but it is also a time that God brings us to grow closer to Him! Know that He loves you and wants what is best for you more than you do!!!
    ~Rebeca Isaiah 43:1-13

  4. We will keep praying for timing, your hearts, your patience, your health, your home, your husband, and all the above all over again. There is nothing more precious than being able to talk to Our Father about someone else we love and care for. I know that you will be a wonderful, caring, loving and FUN Momma to the sweet things that GOD brings you. Your willingness to submit to HIM in this situation is proof of your humble and willing heart, and that is going to be used by HIM in a big way!! Thank you for keeping us updated on how we can specifically pray for you!!