Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crafty Christmas Gift Idea: Wooden Spoons

Last year, I made almost all of my Christmas presents for other people. A few of the dudes got store-bought items, because, lets face it, it's hard to craft for guys. But all the women in my life got hand-made gifts courtesy of moi! I had such a blast crafting for my family and friends, and it really helped fill up my time when I first moved up here and didn't have much going on. 
This year is a very, very different story. I've been busier than I could have imagined in the past few months, and things keep coming at an alarming pace. I love my life, but it hasn't left nearly enough time for present making. I haven't made a single gift, in fact!
So I thought I'd pass some of my ideas on to you, since I've got no time or energy to complete them myself.
I'm calling this the wooden spoon gift set idea. Dye some boring wooden spoons with paint or something and you have a unique and fun gift for the chef in your life! Or for that decorista who likes a matchy-matchy kitchen. 
Good luck, crafters! 

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