Monday, November 26, 2012

A small Thanksgiving summary

Hello!! I hope you all had a truly glorious Thanksgiving! I certainly did!
I had such a blast with my family, they are seriously the best!
My sisters and I decorated my dining room for Thanksgiving, so I thought I'd share a few pics of my table, cause I dig it.
Here you can see the whole table! And our horrible walls that we haven't painted after that initial coat of primer. Lovely.
 We spray painted branches and pine-cones gold, including one with gold stripes!
Lydia and I with our pretty table. Also you can almost see in the background that there is a really cool pine-cone garland in the window. Sophie dipped the cones in various paint samples and strung them on twine. They are awesome! Thanks, Pinterest!
 Those branches are awesome. I love them and will probably keep them around forever!! Lydia even wrapped the napkins in lace and ribbon and twine.
 We put candles into apples to make the house smell amazing. They didn't. Thanks for nothing, Pinterest. ;)
And...the whole dinner party, stuffed and sleepy and cold on the front porch. 


  1. Beautiful - now would you be willing to come up with some fun ideas for Christmas too? HUGS Mom Kimberlae

  2. I love how your stripedy gold/black dress matches the gold striped branch you are so fond of! Glad you had so much fun....and sad I didn't get to come be part of it! Thanksgiving at your house again next year?! ;-)