Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy {gasping for breath} Weekend!

Last night I finally finished Elizabeth Gaskell's first book, Mary Barton.
Wow. I loved it. It is definitely one of my new favorite books. 
I'm gasping for breath because of Mary Barton, but also because I'm taking off again this afternoon for a whirlwind trip to Albuquerque to help throw a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law! Every week seems to get busier and whirl by faster and faster, and I'm sort of loving it, but also sort of overwhelmed by the pace.   
So stay tuned for some pictures of our awesome Princess Bride themed shower. I am so super stoked about all our plans!
Have a happy, pleasant, hopefully beathable weekend!

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  1. Daniella!

    I've been thinking about you lately, so I came to your blog and read and read to feel like I was "catching up" with you. I think I read back months and months of posts! :) It was fun, and I now I feel like we've had a nice long chat over some scones and coffee in your cute kitchen in Albuquerque, although sort of like you did all the talking and I just nodded and chuckled at times. ; )
    Anyhow, we are SO sad we can't come home for Christmas or Isaac's wedding, but Nathan canNOT get any time off work. We are hoping to come sometime in January, probably around the 2nd week. If we do come I hope I'll get to see you. But the good news is we're moving back for SURE at the beginning of May! Yay!
    Alright... well I just wanted to say "hi," and now I've done that in about 200 words.