Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kitchen progress

Hey ya'll! I promised you a kitchen update, so here you go!
This is what the wall opposite the island looked like at 7:30 PM on Thursday night. Paint samples, horrible leftover shelf streaks, and gaping holes.
And here it is at 11 PM! Pretty pretty cabinets all installed and ready to go! 
I'm still working on making sure the shelf staggering is "good uneven" and not "bad uneven." And then I'll start to put everything away!! 
In other news, I marked the places where I need to drill holes to install handles, and Phillip has discovered that our island electricity has a wire crossed...UNDER the floor. Yes, indeed, he is going to tear out the island, and take up the floor, and then cut up the floor boards, to uncross one stupid wire to make the electricity work. This is how you know we're beginners. The learning's steep. 
Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. The cabinets look AMAZING!!! I'm so sorry you guys have to tear up what you've already done. Home improvement is frustrating sometimes. :(