Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've been a little busy this week. Doing stuff. You know. I altered my pants. And joined a Bible Study. And cleaned my grandma's house. And worked on bridal shower invitations. Etc.
Anyway. Phillip and I worked on our kitchen until 11 tonight. I'll TRY to show you some progress tomorrow, or maybe Saturday. We installed a whole wall full of beautiful tall cabinets and I am so excited that I can finally start putting stuff away! 
In the very near future, the above picture will be you and me, chatting away in my brand new beautifully finished kitchen. I'll serve you tea and scones and watermelon. And you'll sit on my counters, cause that's the kind of kitchen I run. Also, you'll advise me on the final details, like whether or not it's appropriate to paint white stripes on a laminate floor. Because I really want to. And I really want to have you over. Because I could go for a good girly chat. Couldn't you?
I hope your week is going well!


  1. Oh, when I saw this picture, I immediately saw myself as the one sitting on the countertop (only a little older, ha.) I can't wait to be there. This is a gorgeous kitchen, only, please DON'T paint the stripes on your floor. It's too trendy & temporary & I can just about guarantee it won't look good with grape jam/bread crumbs/peanut butter/dog pawprints on it. And it would be really hard to undo! The rest is beautiful, though. Are you going to hang a pot hanger???

  2. I'm just glad I'll get to sit on the counter with BARE feet!! The tea and scones and visit are just the perfect girly thing to do, in my humble opinion, so I'm sure you're kitchen will need a swinging door to welcome folks as they come and go. As you think about your floor stripes, I want to share that we once had light colored carpet because it was the thing and certainly opened up the room. However, my dear sweet children (and you know how sweet they are) found the most wonderful ways to add color and design to that light carpet. Ever since, I've sworn the one thing I would have are floors that hide stains/food crumbs/paint spills/marker lines/fill in the blank - or at least allow those things to blend in. I can't wait to see the rest of it, though. I would love white cabinets and a light yellow kitchen.....just need to get a weekend set aside for painting....