Monday, March 5, 2012


Since my post about Spring last week, the weather has turned balmy and warm, at least for the moment. Over the weekend we reveled in the sunshine, took a long walk with the dog, designed imaginary  rooms at IKEA, went antiquing, and had several wonderful chats with friends from church. 
I told you I wanted that "chin up, buttercup" print, but I bought this greeting card instead and framed it. Now I can look at it every time I'm in the kitchen, which is a lot. I also got another hyacinth, this time in a gorgeous deep purple. But right now the Trader Joe's hyacinth is beating this one from King Sooper's in the scent department. I also picked up these adorable little 70's flower bowls at the antique store. I absolutely love the scalloped shape and bright colors! I may take them upstairs for jewelry storage, but for now they're making my smile while I tackle the dishes. 
In other news, my grandmother is coming over this afternoon to have a craft day, so if I haven't sent you your giveaway item yet, you can expect it soon! 
Have a great week!

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  1. Our giveaway arrived!!! I just LOVE them. They are so much prettier in real life than on the blog page. Caleb and I decided that we're going to use them to dress up our table when we have our Bull Sale Feast this year!! Thank you blessing us with these.