Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inspired by {black&white}

                                                                        Source: styleessentials.tumblr.com via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                   Source: littlewintermarket.com via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                              Source: emmas.blogg.se via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                    Source: aperfectkindofday.com via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                             Source: nerochronicles.com via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                     Source: citified.blogspot.com via Amy on Pinterest

I've been giving a lot of thought to black and white spaces. I don't really suffer from a lack of color in my life, and I love the way black and white basics can give such a solid foundation to colorful details. I especially love the shiny black paneling in the first picture and the black stairs in the second to last. But a lot of the time, black and white are reserved for bedrooms or bathrooms. What do you think about shiny black and white in the living spaces of your home? 


  1. Hmmm....they look so beautiful in the pictures. I'm just trying to imagine how they would look mixed with the red, green, and blue legos that would soon be scattered everywhere.... I do love the stairs, though. Such class in a space that I think is easily forgotten.

  2. I like it! Very Elegant. I love the stairs and the black wall in the high ceiling.

  3. I do like those stairs. Very classy and unique. I guess I think of black and white that while still being very classy can come across as cold. I want to welcome folks to my home with warmth. In the bathroom/bedroom is nice as you can show "being classy" while still having the main area feel "warm".

    I do not like that black and white striped bedroom! It made me dizzy. :)

    Where were you thinking of putting it?