Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring things

Today is gloomy and cloudy with little snow and rain showers fluttering down at random intervals. I'm wearing a gorgeous infinity scarf my mother-in-law made me over a new (ok, consignment) black sweater that I got for about $4. But, in spite of reveling in the pretty clouds and rain drops, I'm still thinking a bit wistfully about Spring. In fact, I have been for some time now. So here is my Spring things wish list:

1. A t-shirt maxi-dress! And it comes in a gorgeous plum shade, too. A little out of my price range, though. Birthday present?!
2. Green shoes. The ones pictured are the closest to what I want, but they're $88. H&M has a really similar version for about $15, but I've been back twice and they NEVER have my size!
3. I want patio furniture for Springtime outdoor eating! And I really really want a garden with flowers!
4. I want, dare I say NEED, this print. Seriously such a cheerful reminder. I'd put it in my kitchen where I'd see it all the time!
What's on your wish-list for Spring?

1 comment:

  1. love.

    i want Spring too- especially cause Eliana has some cute spring outfits from my Mom she (i) am dying for her to wear!

    it's also gloomy and rainy here today....