Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In my {refrigerator} dreams

As you all know, Phillip and I are right in the middle of the home-buying process. Most of the homes in our area and price range will require some kind of repairs or updates. I've been researching kitchen renovations and trying to gather inspiration for the upgrades that will probably be in our future.

                                                                        Source: via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                     Source: via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                            Source: via Mary on Pinterest
                                                              Source: via Megan Nelson on Pinterest
                                                                       Source: via Brie on Pinterest

I'm totally enamored with these bright, funky refrigerators!
In reality, we'll probably end up with the cheapest working fridge money can buy.
But a girl can dream, can't she?

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  1. um, forget the refrigerator - I want that darling little shelf in the first picture!