Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy {early} Weekend and a Giveaway!

It's been snowing non-stop for the last twelve hours at least, making last week's post about a snow day look like child's play. They say we could have as much as eighteen inches by the time this lets up tomorrow. 
The entire base is shut down for the day, but Phillip's out riding around in a snow plow, taking pictures and interviewing the guys with that lovely job for a story.
So much cold weather makes me one happy girl!
This is a day that calls for an extra-large cup of coffee topped with whipped cream and a tiny drizzle of chocolate sauce. 
Today these are a few of my favorite things!
My new primroses make me smile every time I walk by the table.
And I've been whipping up bunches of gorgeous silk poppies in the brightest, happiest colors!
They accidentally look like a heart - how very appropriate for February!
(And FYI, the yellow and red and orange are much brighter in person, I don't know why only the blue photographed well. Could it be my camera phone is not 100% accurate?!)
I've seen multiple tutorials for this kind of fabric flower on the internet, and yesterday this pin reminded me that I picked up about five yards of gorgeous silky material for about a dollar at a garage sale! 
But now, for my question of the day:
What should I do with all of these silk poppies? 
I have a few ideas, including saving them for an as yet un-engaged friend's wedding, but I could use some new ideas! 

So here's the giveaway:
Leave me a comment with a new and creative idea for how you would use these poppies, including what color you like best , and I'll pick my favorite idea, make it, and send one to that smart person! 
Isn't that a brilliant idea! Pick-your-own giveaway!
It was all Katya, actually. You can thank her!
So chime in with your ideas in the next week and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday, February 8th. I'd like to be able to get the prize to you as a Valentine's day gift, but we'll see. It might depend on how complicated your ideas are! 
Good luck, and Happy Weekend!


  1. Ok, i just commented, and it disappeared.

    Your blog does not want me to have pretty things...

  2. EHEM.

    First, you are adorable!

    Second, I have no very creative ideas, except that I would wear those in my hair, or on a scarf. And I also think they would be really cool around the edge of a picture frame or on a small pillow. I would love that. Or you could save them for your unengaged friend, but she may still have to determine her wedding colors ;)

  3. The computer didn't like my comment either, Brie!

    I was just going to suggest you could sew a few of them onto the neckline/shoulder of a t-shirt to dress it up a little. Those are very "in" right now!

    I think whatever you do with them will be pretty because they are really pretty!

  4. I know, you could give them all to your mom for her BIRTHDAY!! ha-ha
    Just real idea:
    Make more of your wonderful "bad hair day bands" (that's what I call the headband you made me for Christmas).
    Fasten these on with snaps, so the person can choose the color depending on her wardrobe for that day! Sell them on Etsy with several interchangeable poppies.

  5. You should sew them on a pretty belt that goes on your hips! Or you could put a couple of them on a cute hat!

  6. How big are your poppies? I could definitely use some of the smaller ones on greeting cards. I'm also making journals, and a silk flower would look gorgeous on the cover. :-)

    For something really different, you could fasten a bunch of them to a wall and paint the stems onto the wall, maybe with either a silk ribbon or a painted one "tying" them together. Wouldn't a silk poppy bouquet make interesting wall art?

  7. If those beautiful poppies were *mine* *I'd* attach them to a baby headband and once she gets here... I'd torture my baby girl with them. Poor girl has no idea what she's in for. ;)

  8. I actually like your mom's idea the best....and no, she did not pay me to say that!!

    My idea, though, would be to turn them into napkin holders with a matching "bouqet" for the center piece. I love dressing up the table, and those colors would be so cheery on the table after a long week or when someone has been sick.

  9. Shucks, someone stole my idea for a belt! :wink:

    I like everyone's ideas! Can mine be do whichever you like best? Then you would like mine (since I said to do your favorite) and then I would be sure to win! Hahahaha!!

    You could do a "bouquet" on a shirt. Use that one tucked in the closet that you love but has a few stains on it. Cover the stains with flowers, add some ribbon for stems and leaves if you wish and ta-da! A Beautiful shirt that everyone will love!!!

    Good luck playing with your flowers! I think you should make enough to do everyone's comments- they are all great ideas. :)

  10. I'm so sorry about the comment issues some of you have been experiencing! I'm attempting to fix the problem, please be patient. If you would like to enter the giveaway, you may do so via email or Facebook. Thanks!