Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leather Gifts for Men

Our 3 year anniversary is coming up on December 27th. Phillip and I are pretty excited about getting to spend this one together, and we had a "smart phone duel" the other day to see who could find out what the traditional third year present was. I know. We're dorky (I won). But anyway, now I have to come up with a cool leather present, so I thought I'd turn it into a blog post, since I thought maybe you could help me out or use some Christmas ideas for your men.
All the online advice I've been reading suggests a leather jacket. He already has a faux leather jacket, which is cool but not as nice or soft as a real leather jacket. This one is really awesome, but it's also $245. Yikes.
I think this watch is really neat. It's less than the jacket, but still $124. I really don't know how much I'm supposed to spend on an anniversary gift! It's the thought that counts, I know, but what will he actually like??
This shop has some really cool men's necklaces with leather. Would Phillip wear them? I have no idea. 

The internet also told me to buy him a leather wallet. His is still working fine but will wear out someday. There are only a million options. I even found one in "python leather."
And then there's this:
It's for me, obviously. Who doesn't want a leather cat-woman mask?! 
What did you get your husband for your third anniversary? 
Do you have any advice/ideas for me?  


  1. Mom says get him a leather belt and a big leather jacket for yourself. ;-)

  2. You could look at the thrift store for a less expensive leather jacket too!

  3. Phil use to wear cool dude necklaces in highschool all the time. He would probably dig a cool Cross Necklace if he found the right one. But my Vote is a watch. Leather watches are awesome!