Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The trouble with Tuesday...

                                                                           Source: crunch22.blogspot.com via Daniella on Pinterest

Yesterday I was very inspired to set tasks and accomplish them. I made a huge list involving all the things I'd need to do to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, all the chores I needed to get done before each, all the supplies I needed to finish making Christmas presents and all the stores I needed to go to. 
I got a start on them all yesterday after putting it off due to a very long and much-needed phone chat with my mommy.
I started to straighten up the house and then went to Target, Ross, and Best Buy. I didn't quite find all the things I thought I would at Target and Ross (well, I found tons of things I want but I refrained from buying most of them). Best Buy, as usual, took much longer than expected. I had to send my phone in for repairs, which fortunately will be free because I finally wised up and got a protection plan on my phone. I am a disaster whenever electronics are involved. While we were sitting there waiting for the phone guy to do his magic, I picked up the new "A Very She and Him Christmas" CD with Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. I'm holding off on listening to it until after Thanksgiving, because it's not right to start before that, no matter how much I want to. We found out that my phone is on backorder, so it'll take much longer to get a replacement than we had planned, so until them I'm back to a dinky little phone that's missing the backplate and doesn't have all the phone numbers I need in it, but I should survive! However, I won't be able to obsessively check the weather any more. Anyway, the other problem was that the longer we sat in Best Buy, the weirder I started to feel. My throat was getting sore and my nose was super itchy and runny. Oh no! Best Buy made me sick.
I've taken loads of Vitamin C and am drinking Emergen-C and tea galore, and, after doing absolutely nothing but sleep and check Facebook all morning long I'm finally starting to feel a little better. Hopefully taking a hot shower and drinking more tea will give me the energy to at least work on some crafts or do the dishes. I'm determined not to get behind on my list!
                                                                   Source: images.search.yahoo.com via Daniella on Pinterest

I hope you're having a great Tuesday! 


  1. Love your picture! (the last one especially!)

    Ahh, sorry you didn't feel well.

    What do you have on your list?

    We had drama rehearsal today... Phew! It is coming together and looks awesome. :D We are all excited about that.


  2. Won't Philip be surprised when he comes home to a burned down home!

  3. I have been waiting to listen to the She and Him Christmas Album too! I think it is going to be sooo good :)