Friday, October 14, 2011

A simplified list of {things I love about my dog}

1.) The way she chases her tail
2.) The cute grunting noises she makes in her sleep
3.) Watching her play and wrestle with (and stare adoringly at) Phillip
4.) The way she lies at our feet and snuggles as close as she can to us at all times
5.) The happy/hyper leaping dance she does whenever I pick up my tennis shoes or the leash
6.) The way she runs like a dolphin, leaping like a little puppy instead of running like a normal dog
7.) How safe I feel when she is in the house with me to bark or growl at strangers
8.) Never having to pick up food I drop on the floor
9.) Walking her in the sunshine
10.) Her ears flopping around her head when she shakes herself
11.) Her yawns


  1. hmmm...this could almost be retitled "a simplified list of things I love about my kids" and posted on my blog...;-)

  2. 12. You forgot this one. The way she plays tug-a-war with your feet.