Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the fear of not looking their best

                                                                         Source: via Daniella on Pinterest

When I was a carefree little girl, I told my parents that I didn't want braces, because "then I won't look goofy anymore!" I liked being goofy, I liked making other people laugh. We have more pictures of me as a child doing goofy and ridiculous things, like putting electrical tape or paint all over my body, standing on my head, or just making crazy faces. I lived for the laughs, and I had not concept of "looking my best." I didn't care what others thought, so long as I could bring a smile to their face. 
Now that I've grown up, I seem to have lost some of that childish fun. Somewhere around puberty, between the mean girls on my soccer team telling me I was ugly because I didn't shave my legs at 12 and the growing awareness of how others may see me, I've become too aware of what "my best" is and when/how I do or don't look it. 
We forget that our value is not found in the opinions of others. My value is solely in my worth in they eyes of Christ, and yet I still feel the need to be validated by the approval of others. Although it may not be appropriate for a grown woman to do some of the childish antics I pulled as a child, I need to remember that my purpose is to bring joy to others and to glorify God. Looking my best means striving to be filled with His light, not striving to have a perfectly flat stomach or perfectly arranged hair. I should never be afraid of "not looking my best." My real fear should be that I am not acting my best and letting Christ be the best He can in me. 


  1. Well, I was going to say, "Deep thoughts for a Monday," but then I realized it's Wednesday.

  2. I think you're beautiful inside AND out, little sister. You make all our lives more fun!

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  4. You are quite a lovely young lady!