Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday's Child: Teenage Dream

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Now you all have Katie Perry stuck in you head, don't you. Sorry about that.
But really, if you were a teenage girl, wouldn't this totally be your dream? I mean, what teenage girl doesn't want a gorgeous bed and a dreamy hammock in her room? Not to mention that glamorous little sitting area for girlish heart to heart chats! I kind of want this room now, and I'm supposed to be an adult! Of course, who knows if a teenage girl would keep it this tidy. I certainly couldn't! 


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  2. I LOVE this room! I wouldn't have picked it, but it is so bright and cheery it stole my heart. :D I love how roomy it is, yet it invites you to sit and relax. I don't think it is just for teenage girls... That isn't fair.