Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Have I ever shown you this image before? 
I think not. I think I've been hoarding it, hiding it away, keeping it all to myself and staring at it in wonder.
It was time to set it free and let you all share in the delight it brings me.
I almost can't stand it, this image makes me feels so good. 
I love the dark, glossy wood floors. I love all the desks and floors and shelves and drawers in this space, and how they contrast so perfectly with the white walls. 
But most of all I love that bright, white book room. I love the huge cases with books, the privacy and exposure of keeping them all in their own little windowed room. 
If I had access to this space, I don't think I would even want to read the books. I'd just want to sit and stare at the perfection around me hour after hour.
And now you can stare at it, too.
You're welcome.


  1. Thank you??? How can I thank you for making me discontented?? Oh, to sit in that room, pull a book off the shelf and begin to delight in some wisdom the author shares. Then, slowly walk over to the desk, pull out pen and paper, and write down all your thoughts at that moment!! I LOVE this ROOM!!!

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  3. I do not recommend you build this particular romm... unless you are prepared for me to move in. You might not even notive me... I can be quite quiet once captured by a book!

  4. Dani - in case you wonder about someone leaving you messages and then deleting them... I do not seem to notice spelling errors until something in published LOL