Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In March, 2009 I watched a beautiful foreign film, "Caramel," while my husband was working nights. For reasons I had almost forgotten, I was really moved by this movie and struck by the fascinating and sometimes sad culture of Beirut. Ever since that late night viewing, a few of the elements stuck out and stayed with me. I smile to myself when I think about the adorable old man who has his suit trousers shortened to a ridiculous length in order to see the sweet little seamstress again. I have also occasionally tried to emulate the amazing make-up of the main character, Layale.
But my absolute favorite part of this movie is the phone call scene, where the handsome, admiring policeman pretends to have a phone conversation with Layale from across the street. Click here to watch it. 
I made Phillip watch this with me again last night, and I was not disappointed. Totally worth it for the music alone, this movie is fascinating and just plain beautiful. Go watch it! 

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