Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dorm Room

My friend Hannah is about to graduate from high school! Congrats, Hannah! 
She asked me to post some dorm room inspiration for her in light blue, light green, and brown.
These rooms obviously aren't dorm rooms, but I love the way they use Hannah's color scheme. Classy and comfortable!
Using those images as inspiration, I also created this little moodboard. I tried to encompass a few of the elements that any dorm room needs - storage, bedding, and a picture board so that Hannah won't forget the people back home!

So now its your turn! What am I missing that Hannah will need in her dorm? (I lived at home during college, so I am pathetically out of touch with what college students need in the dorm!) What are the must-haves to make a chic dorm room?
And Hannah, if this isn't you, give me more feedback and I'll make you a new moodboard!
Again, Congratulations on graduating! 

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  1. I am also out of touch... But this is adorable! You make me want to redecorate my house about once a week.