Thursday, December 16, 2010

and presently i was driving through the drizzle
of the dying day, with the windshield wipers in
full action but unable to cope with my tears.
vadimir nabokov
Have you ever noticed the connection between rain and tears? There are countless songs and poems and clich├ęs all linking crying and rain. Is it because rain makes people sad? A dreary day is hard to be cheerful in? Although today I can certainly feel the disheartening effects of a cloudy day, my New Mexico upbringing causes me to war against this rain=sadness idea. Rain is something to delight in, to be grateful for, and to enjoy while it lasts. According to, today's rain is the only precipitation we can expect between now and Christmas. So I will be doing my best to shrug off any sad feelings and delight in this little bit of wintry weather! 
How do you feel about rainy weather?

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  1. I think I am like you. When you live in NM it is a BIG blessing- not something to cry about! Haha. It does have a calming, slightly boring effect. Or something like that. It doesn't make me want to cry, but I can't say I want to go around dancing and singing loudly. A subdued feeling.
    Hugs and Love,