Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zen Wednesday 12.15.2010

This room accidentally got left out of my green post yesterday. But I'm kind of glad it did. Because it caused me to look at this room more closely, and I really really like what I see. So many of the elements are exactly what I want for my own master bedroom - the plain black canopy bed, the black dressers, the plethora of white, the green accents. And I wouldn't complain too much if I ended up with that fireplace, mirror, fur throw, or exposed wood ceiling, either! Although I might do away with those funky pots on the dressers. And I'd like that chair upholstered in maybe a pattern or stripe? 
How about you? Do you ever see a room that is the epitome of your design style? Do you love this room as much as I do? 

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  1. Yes, all too often. I need to narrow down my choices sometimes.