Friday, December 17, 2010

I was wrong about the snow yesterday! It did snow, and it is so pretty! 
I almost froze to death yesterday when I met my sisters for lunch, and the wind was driving sleet into our faces and my stupid ballet flats/no socks combo feet got soaking wet in puddles of ice water. 
But after work I ran home and bundled up, and Lydia and I went shopping! I bought a few things for myself, since all my Christmas shopping is done already ;)
And then we cuddled up on the couch, watched a girlie movie, and then snuggled into a warm bed and read. And slept. A lot. 
I think Lydia is still sleeping, in fact. 
I hope you have a fabulous Friday! Don't forget to bundle up or snuggle down and enjoy winter!


  1. Sisters are such fun, aren't they? Glad you had a good day. I enjoyed the snow. It is fun to cuddle up and enjoy a warm house with the outside all cold.

  2. That first picture is so pretty. This is the best time of year for snow. Makes things sparkle. Sounds like a fun day with sisters and friends.