Monday, March 15, 2010

Rugged and Refined

Yet another trend I'm not terribly sure about, is the "rugged" trend. I'm all for a little bit of distressing in the name of shabby chic, but unless you actually live on a farm, your house shouldn't look like its made out of sticks and unfinished boards. Or should it?
Very pretty and girly.
I think these walls only look distressed. Somehow this room is very chic, but I would be afraid that any faux paint job like this would end up looking really fake in person.
No rough planks, but those air ducts normally fall into the realm of "me no likey," but I love this room.
Its hard to tell, but the walls in the room to the right are completely distressed. I love the contrast between the gorgeous bed and chandelier and the rough planks and walls.

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