Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Huge Mirror Effect

I love a big mirror. Actually, I love any mirror, but huge mirrors really make my heart go pitter-pat. MMMM these are so pretty!
I love those chairs, and that enormous mirror is so subtle but completely makes the space, don't you think?
The "mirrored wall" sometimes comes across as tacky or corny, but I think it works well here.
And are those chairs upholstered in some kind of fabric with words on it? That's cool.
Oh, and I think those vaguely reflected curtains are these curtains from Urban Outfitters, and I want them desperately.
I love this photograph, and how the giant mirror really makes the tiny room seem cozy and comfortable without being too cramped.


  1. *Gasp* I love those curtains TOO! They are SO gorgeous. If I didn't already have curtains for all my fancy rooms, I would be sorely tempted...but you probably wouldn't speak to me anymore if I stole them, huh? I guess you can have them and I can come admire them at your house. Cause I love all my own curtains already, and I am not willing ot give any of them up even to make way for such lovely new ones.

    I do love huge mirrors, especially with fancy frames. I think I'm going to buy fancy mirrors for my bathrooms when I redo them. I would love to replace the mirrored doors in my bedroom with pretty mirrors, but I'm not really sure how yet. hmmm...something to think about.

  2. Hmm I probably would still speak to you, but I'd be jealous and hurt. And I know you don't want that ;)

    It would be awesome to put fancy mirrors in the bathrooms - Mom did that at her house and its SO nice. I could do it in the guest bath, but I treasure the storage behind my mirror in the master bath too much ;). We'll have to brainstorm on how to make your closet mirrors more exciting. I'm just jealous that you have full-length mirrors. I don't have one and its annoying to jump in the air and try to see the bottom half of my outfit.

  3. ;-) haha I just got a mental image of you jumping up and down to check out your skirt...

  4. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.