Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink and Brown

I like pink and brown in clothes, but as a decor option, it always seems a little bit too girly/childish to me. But here are some pink and brown images that have changed my mind.


  1. You know what pink and brown make me think of? Those Valentine's chocolates with the pink know, the elusive pink filling you are willing to bite into every other chocolate in the box to find, putting up with all the caramel and coconut and lemon filled ones (which are pretty good but let's face it, they are really just second string flavors) until you finally find the coveted pink one! Ahh, the pink chocolates...why don't they just make a whole box of pink filled chocolates? I would buy it! Sigh. Now I'm hungry. And sad because I didn't get any Valentine's chocolates this year. Now I have to wait another 11 months...sorry, what were you saying about pink and brown?

  2. Hehehe...This made me laugh. I'm sorry you didn't get any chocolates! We'll just have to start our own company that makes boxes of only pink filled chocolates. Add it to the list of businesses we're starting!

  3. I think it could fit with our catering business...altouhgh I have no idea how we're going to make pink-filled chocolates in the crock pot. But when we do figure it out, it will be amazing!! ;-)