Monday, May 13, 2013

{a monday list}

So far today I:

- slept in to make up for giving someone a ride from the airport at 2 AM
- dug weeds in my back yard until my trowel broke in half
- did burpees and various other body-weight exercises that don't hurt my leg
- caught up on five Bible study lessons (shame on me for being so far behind)
- finished off the last of the baked french toast and coffee
- arranged furniture on my back porch in anticipation of tomorrow's delightful party for little girls and fairy gardens
- snuck around my house dripping wet searching for a towel after my shower
- ate yogurt on my back porch with my laptop while the breeze dried my wet hair
- read several chapters of "Eight Cousins"

I really don't know why people complain about Mondays!


  1. Oh that sounds LOVELY! I'm so jealous. I'm seeing 21 patients in a new electronic medical records system and it's terrible. ;) Enjoy the rest of your Monday for me!!!!!

  2. Sorry :( electronic records systems are a pain in the rump, I know. I did enjoy it immensely, though, just for you!

  3. What party are you giving tomorrow? "Fairy gardens" sounds lovely and tantalizing and I saw the picture of the flags you made...what exactly are you doing?? You've piqued my curiosity.