Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For the love of {rainbow stairs}

When this broken leg is healed and I'm back to my regular energy level, Phillip and I plan to tackle a small flight of stairs that are currently completely unfinished and disgusting. I've read a few DIY accounts on how to refinish them myself, and I am thinking pretty stained wood steps with white risers. 
But if, someday, I have stairs going up to the attic where a kid lives, or perhaps down into a basement, or outside in a fun backyard, you can bet I will be painting the risers in rainbow brights! My very favorites are the white walls with colored risers and wood steps. They are just so unexpected and cool.
I showed these pictures to Phillip and asked if we can paint our stair risers bright colors, or even just one bright color, and he just gave me the side eye. Someday, I will convince him. Just you wait and see.
Would you ever paint your risers a bright color? Do any of you have an appropriate set of stairs for this madness?

1 comment:

  1. I love love love rainbow stairs!!! But I haven't even *tried* to convince my husband. I know his answer. ;) You know, though... I have seen people use decals on the risers... they seem to last ok... what if you just used very carefully cut bright posterboard and some double sided tape? Might be fun for a little bit!
    Heal quickly!
    or take lots of pain meds, sneak out of bed and paint the stairs rainbow colors... then blame the drugs. ;)