Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween! 
 I don't really celebrate, but there are a few things about the holiday that I enjoy. Candy, mainly. I love pumpkins, costumes, and mystery. I do NOT love my neighbors terrifying yards full of gravestones and ghouls. I prefer my ghost stories to be more subtlety and less gruesome. Honestly I can't wait for this holiday to pass so I can really get down to planning for Thanksgiving! 
Be safe out there!!

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  1. Even as I type, we are in the midst of making caramel and melting chocolate for our Family Night decadence. We aren't into the whole ghoulishness, either, so instead, we do fondue and appetizers and fruit and caramel and pretzels and all that fun stuff everyone loves but feels guilty eating! We will enjoy a movie and go to bed with tummy aches and feel so blessed to enjoy an evening together with the family!!