Monday, October 15, 2012

A {Fall} love-affair

I'm sorry for my absence, my laptop is still broken and I've actually been enjoying my time away from it all, working on house repairs and messy kitchens and Mansfield Park.
I am also deeply enmeshed in a love-affair with Fall.
I am savoring every crunchy leaf beneath my boot, every scent, every drop of rain, every color and sound and every cool breeze.
I am going on every possible walk through the streets of our neighborhood, which feels so new to me as it is now, covered in huge piles of gorgeous fallen leaves and lit by the golden filtering light through patches of green and yellow and red.
I want to feeze and hold onto every moment of my perfect morning walk to church, of my umbrella softly drumming with rain on an afternoon walk for coffee, and even of my goosebumped, bruised legs as I run through the wind in yet another cold nighttime soccer game.
I want to collect every pumpkin, every fall flower, every gourd and zuccini and bit of plaid that passes. I want to do away with my neighbor's hideous Halloween yard decorations, because they spoil the beauty of the season with so much death and fear. I only want to shiver from cold and wind and rain and the delicious, delightful feeling of another season changing, another end and yet another beginning.
I want to cherish my love affair with Fall itself, as a thing of beauty, as it is such a fleeting, momentary thing, so full and yet so fragile, and so soon to pass away.
Have a fabulous Fall week! Don't forget to notice the beauty all around you!

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  1. Beautiful post! Lucky you! Fall has not arrived for us in NM yet...most of the trees retain their leaves and only occasionally have we even had sweater days. But I'm certainly looking forward to it - it has to show up one of these days!