Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A doorknob

I have a confession to make.
We don't have a doorknob on our front door.
When we moved in, the realtor left the keyless entry box attached, and Phillip changed the code. We haven't ever had a key to our house. The keyless entry opens the deadbolt, and the doorknob? The doorknob did nothing but spin uselessly in it's hole. And recently, it fell off altogether. We have to pry the door open by grabbing hold of the keypad that sticks out. The door doesn't stay shut unless it's bolted.
This is such a classy joint.
I have wild plans to paint the front door from a dull white to some gloriously bright and cheeful color, like orange or red or yellow or green. And I have even wilder dreams of someday owning a doorknob. And not just any door knob. A beautiful, antique, unique doorknob. A doorknob with character and pizzaz. One of these, for example.
Which doorknob is your favorite?


  1. I love the last one. The color and everything.

  2. i like the green door with the antique looking gold knob...

  3. I love bright colored doors!! Ever since I saw the movie Knotting Hill for the first time (which is still to date one of my favorites of all time) I have told myself I will have a bright colored door someday. I am excited to see what color you choose!