Saturday, April 7, 2012

New House, Day 1

(way back when during a slight snow storm, and we were still in the buying process)
Today, Phillip and I took our first load of stuff over to the new house. There are now a few boxes of books and a few tools in the garage, an empty shelf in the family room, and several outdoor chairs on the back porch. Suddenly, it feels that much more real. This place is OURS! We took the dog with us and she did nothing but race back and forth furiously through her new back yard. She is soo excited to have room to run again. And I am so happy for her! We're heading  out the door again to make a  trip to Home Depot for a few things to get started on all the work we need to do. Right now we need shower grout sealant, a new back yard gate latch, a linoleum scraper thing for the kitchen floor, and paint. LOTS of paint. I'll be back repeatedly in the next few weeks (and months) with updates and pictures of our progress. For now, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram to see all the random photos I'm uploading. 
(the back yard - apple trees, hyacinth, tulips, crocuses, roses, lilacs, aspens, and grass - the dog is in heaven, and so am I)
Have a great weekend! 
Happy Easter!!!


  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the Tudor detail!! :)

  2. Your backyard is gorgeous! I can't wait to come play in it with your dog and my kids!

  3. What an amazing backyard! What a dream it will be to garden in the rocky mountains away from the harsh desert sun!