Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{pick one}

                                                                            Source: via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                       Source: via Daniella on Pinterest

This post is an ode to indecision.
My husband loves me, I know, but I can tell when I'm driving him nuts. It's almost always due to indecision on my part. I hate picking a restaurant, a movie, even choosing a drink at Starbucks is difficult for me. My tastes are so extremely varied. It's a good thing, I tell myself, that I have such a wide variety of favorites, that so many different styles and flavors appeal to me. But it's not always a good thing, like when we waste gas driving around and around because I can't decide whether I'd rather have hamburgers or Thai food. 
My older sister, who is obviously about my oldest and closest friend, was complaining to me at Christmas that I'm really hard to shop for. How can that be? I love pretty much everything! When I go shopping or internet exploring, there are so very many things I am just dying to posses. I can't afford to buy even a smidgen of the items I adore. But I know she's right. I love almost everything, but at the same time I'm picky and I know I make it difficult to shop for me.
I love looking back through my inspiration folders and Pinterest boards, because sometimes the most unusual things end up sitting right next to each other, and the contrast really strikes me. What moods was I in when I pinned these two bedrooms? Both are completely funky, but in such very, very different ways. And it makes me wonder if my style is ever going to stop evolving, if I'm ever going to settle on one favorite color, one favorite style. Am I ever going to get decisive when it comes to home decor? 
Right now I've been vaguely contemplating paint colors for my future home, and so far the only colors I've come up with are white and black. Because I don't know what else to choose, there are too many options, and I don't want to lock myself in! And when I look at the second picture above, I think "ah, white, definitely perfect for every room, so bright and light and neutral." But then I look back at the first picture, and my dark side takes over and demands dark colors, bohemian curtains, and dramatic patterns. 
Will I ever really settle? Will the decisions ever get any easier?
How about you? Do you have a fairly stable sense of style, or are you a manic decorator like me? 
If you could pick one, which one would it be?


  1. manic decorator. Totally. :) But that's what makes my house a home. If I had a stable sense of style there would be no layers of interesting styles throughout my home and I'd be very bored. :) Don't pick all your paint colors at once, that's far too boring for such an interesting lady as yourself. :)

  2. I like the second one the best, the head-shaped pillows are really funny.