Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Princess Art

                                                                  Source: fuckyeahcutedisney.tumblr.com via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                         Source: thegloss.com via Daniella on Pinterest

Have you all noticed that there is some awesome princess art out there? Everyone is embracing their inner child and reinventing the Disney princesses. I love the two above, they're like prom princesses and hipster princesses! 
But I love these even more. 
Historically accurate princes costume drawings. I would proudly hang these on my wall, for sure. 
Isn't this artist talented! I love these!
Happy Tuesday, everyone!
                                                                             Source: images2.fanpop.com via Demi on Pinterest

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  1. I love Sleeping Beauty's dress. (Go figure. It's medieval and it's blue. What's not to love??) But they are all really cool! Where did you find them?