Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday's Child: Rolling

Last weeekend, I went to an antique show with my grandmother.
For some odd reason we were talking about the pros and cons of co-sleeping with your baby and she told me the cutest story.
She was an only child, and her parents were always very strict about bed time. They would put her to bed and then tiptoe around the house quietly with the TV turned way down and no loud noises allowed. When she went away to college, she had a really hard time sleeping because of all the noise and activity constantly going on in the dorms. She said there wasn't a day that went by that she didn't get up in the morning saying "I am SO tired!" 
When she married my grandpa, she was still a very light sleeper. Nine months later she had my dad, and she became an even lighter sleeper! She'd never been around a baby before. She said that if there was any sound at all, she would jump up to check on the baby. She would lay awake trying to hear him breath and be scared all the time that something was wrong. She wasn't getting any sleep. 
Apparently he slept in a small bassinet on wheels. She solved her sleeping problems by putting him to sleep in her room, laying him in his bassinet, and wheeling it out into the hall right outside the door. She could shut the door and go to sleep but still hear him if he actually cried! 
I love imagining my grandmother as a young girl and the mental image of her wheeling my dad's bassinet around the house, for some reason it is so funny! But now that I think about it, why don't more cribs have wheels?! 
Did you/would you co-sleep? Or would you wheel your baby out into the hall? 


  1. you know me.. big fan of co-sleeping. Love having my little one close, especially when he was really young... :) But a crib on wheels is also a genius idea. :)

  2. Too bad baby monitors didn't exist back then! It sounds like your grandmother would have loved them