Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Priority Numero Uno

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I told you all last week that Phillip and I have been trying to make some major decisions. One of those decisions is whether or not to move out of the on-base housing, whether to get an apartment, rent a house, or buy a house. We've realized that we could buy a house and pay the same amount every month towards our mortgage as we now spend on rent. Suddenly, this place, which we do love for so many reasons, seems like a huge waste of money! If we move, I will definitely miss being on base. It's so safe to live behind the fence, so nice to have Phillip come home for lunch every day because work is 5 minutes away, so spacious here, and we have someone else to do our maintenance and yard work.
However, owning a home is a dream we both share. We like the idea that our money every month would go towards something more permanent than rent. And, as you all know, I love the idea of being able to customize and paint and change my house! Here, I'm even afraid to put too many holes in the walls!
So this past week, we've been scouring Zillow and making a list of homes we'd like to check out in our house-hunting process! I've got about 18 saved in my favorites list so far. And they all have something in common, the one thing that I absolutely hate about our current living situation 
Wood floors!
I really, really, really want wood floors! 
Or at least, non-carpet floors. I hate the white carpet here, how it opens directly onto the muddy backyard and is impossible to keep clean. 
Wood floors. They're at the very top of my list.
What is your number one priority when searching for a place to live? 


  1. Hehe you and your wood floors. I totally agree. That was the best decision we ever made - that and the leather couches rather than fabric! When you do finally get your wood floors, ask for a Shark vaccuum/steamer combo for a housewarming gift! It makes cleaning them sooo easy and they look beautiful! It's the single greatest cleaning tool I've ever owned.

  2. Wood floors are heavenly! :)
    I think the one thing I'd wished we'd considered when we bought our house is the heating situation. Heating oil is a killer! Other than that, just wait for the one that speaks to you. :) Wait for the one you could keep forever. :)

  3. A BIG kitchen. Everyone we know tends to congregate in the kitchen, and if you can remember, this kitchen is on the smallish side and doesn't lend itself to "multi-chef" cooking. Find the one with decorating potential!! You'll have such a great doing that.....and then come do my house!?? Please.....